Thursday, June 2, 2016

LEGOs Rock!

Automatic Binding Blocks.  Not a very catchy name, right?  How about LEGO?  Much better!  LEGOs are a fantastic building tool and now a days they can even be used to help teach math, reading, science and social studies!

I had a blast researching the history of LEGOs as well as what the LEGO factory in Billund Denmark is like.  I was in Denmark this past March but didn't have enough time to take a train from Copenhagen to Billund to check out the factory for myself.  But now that I know so much about it, it's going on my bucket list!

My latest non-fiction Readers' Theater script is a partner play about LEGOs.  I hit the jackpot in combining fun reading fluency practice with pretty much every child's favorite toy!

And here's a fun idea to try at home with your kids or at school with your students:  Marble Maze using the bigger, Duplo, LEGOs that kids outgrow but you don't know what to do with them.  My daughter and I did this last weekend and we had so much fun!
You put a marble at the top and let it go and wait to see which container it will ultimately fall into on the bottom.

The long, blue board was something I purchased at a local toy shop.  It's 2-sided (small LEGOs and big Duplos). 

I stumbled upon a fantastic blog called and the blogger has some awesome ideas for using LEGOs!  I'm going to try many of her suggested ideas and see how I can adapt them for use in my classroom.

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