Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Class Yearbook

Quite a few teachers at my school create memory books for their students. They take pictures and collect items throughout the year....and then frantically glue and laminate everything at the end of the year.  I'll admit that these memories books look fantastic (and I hope my daughter gets to do one next year when she's in Kindergarten) but I've never been able to do them myself because it seems like such a HUGE time consuming thing I can't wrap my organizational head around.  So I came up with something else: a class yearbook that we create and put together the last week of school.   

Every student gets a page on which to write about themselves, I include photos that I've taken during the year and include a few pages about our classroom (list of students, list of special memories, our weekly schedule, etc.).

Click on it to get it! 
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Our school creates and sells school yearbooks, but having a class yearbook is a special keepsake that celebrates and remembers our year together.

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