Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Non-Fiction Animal Book Project

        Every spring my students each write and publish a non-fiction animal book.  Way back in January I pull out all my non-fiction book baskets and teach kids about the many helpful features of these fascinating books.  Writing a book that contains some of these features is our culminating writing project.  
       Even though I've done this for a few years, I always try to make it better each year.  This year, after some reflection and tweaking, was by far THE most successful for this project!  The main thing was LOTS of guided practice beforehand.  First, we wrote animal riddles.  Then, we all wrote a non-fiction animal books about the SAME animal, the leopard.  Finally, kids chose their own animal and because they had just written a leopard book, they knew exactly what to do (research----note taking----writing) and they did it SO well!
      Since I had so much success with this project, I wanted to share it with others!  It's aligned to the K/1/2 CCSS too.  I know there are other non-fiction animal projects out there on TPT or TN (I downloaded one myself when I started back in March) but know that there are teachers out there who might want to add this to their collection and use it.  I included photographs of the rough drafts and finished products so you can really see what I describe. 

Click here to preview it.

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 I hope you'll take a peek at it and maybe add it to your collection :)

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