Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let there be light!

This year I went with an Outer Space 
classroom decor theme.

I found these round paper lanterns at Pier 1 and spray painted them.
My colleague made me some cute black puffy paper things to go with them and they now hang above each table grouping (team).  There is a small light in each one and, with batteries, can be turned on by a little switch.  But since they're so high, I don't ever turn them on. The lanterns over my team groups are "planets" and the big yellow one over my desk is the "sun". 


But this past weekend I was at Pier 1 again and saw they have LED lights that you can hang in a lantern....that can be controlled by a remote!!

I bought this sign (at Target), which lights up via batteries, to show students when I was talking privately with a student(s) but it wasn't very bright and the batteries faded quickly.  Well now my IDEA is to turn on my "sun" via remote when I'm busy at my desk!

I'm sooooooo excited to use this!  And I'm now thinking about getting a light for each team group's lantern and what I would use it for when it's lit up :)

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