Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Own Space

I'm a person who loves to have her own space, a "Me Cave" if you will.
9 years ago my husband and I bought a house with 3 bedrooms and we each got an office because we didn't have any kids yet.  Fast forward a few years and me giving up my office for our daughter's bedroom.  My space became wherever my laptop was.  And when I wanted to scrapbook or sew, the dining room converted in my space.  

But last week we finally moved into our new house and it's BIG!
We are so very thankful and fortunate to have found this house and to now call it our own.  It's been fun, exciting and tiring setting up the house!  And last night I finally got to set up my new "Me Cave".  We now have a guest bedroom with this great built in desk and storage area and it's all mine.  So I can stay up late blogging, working on TPT stuff, sewing or scrapbooking and then just fall asleep in here if I want to.

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