Sunday, June 23, 2013

1 Year Anniversary!

Last June I started this blog as a way to connect with other teachers and share ideas.

It all began with a walk through my mom's garden while thinking about the school year I had just wrapped up.  I think 1st grade is such an important grade because of the growth we see, especially in reading.  Students are really like flowers in many ways, one of which is that they all bloom but not all at the same time.  Most kiddos I get in the fall are like the flower shown above and my job is to feed these flowers with what they need (love, attention, caring, academics, respect, humor) to grow and bloom.

Well today I was at the beach with my daughter.  She LOVES rocks and will probably be a geologist someday. As she was throwing rocks, I started looking around and snapping pictures...  Again it occurred to me: students are also like rocks.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and we need to love and teach them all.

So if you've been with me from the start, a sincere heartfelt thank you!  If you're just stumbling upon my little blog for the first time today, welcome!  I'd be thrilled to have you follow the First Grade Bloom :)

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