Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday

I love 

but haven't been able to link up to it because we've either been moving or are now on vacation back in Minnesota (where I'm from).  Since we're on vacation, I some more time to devote to blogging, etc.  Here's a summary of this week:

On the shores of Lake Superior where I grew up.
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Did a nice run along the shore of Lake Bemidji and then sat on a rock to
cool down and listen to the waves splash against the rocks.

The flowers in my mom's garden....the inspiration for my blog!
"I'd like a medium white chocolate mint condition please and I'll answer
the trivia question too." said as often as I can get to a Caribou!

Our beloved Malt Shop that makes THE best malts!  We eat
them and stare out at Lake Superior to see if there are any ore
boats coming into port.  Daddy is so jealous he's working!

Hope you also had an enjoyable, relaxing week too!

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