Thursday, June 27, 2013


My daughter and I were kicking around a ball on the driveway the other night and stopped to watch this:

The timing was perfect, because I had just read this book to her
and we talked about squishing ants.  So we decided NOT to squish the ant and talked about what it was doing and where it was was really neat to just stop and watch.

So I decided to turn the book into a 3 character Readers' Theater play to extend the use of the book in the classroom.  The book ends with no conclusion, it is left up to the reader.  But the play ends up with the boy NOT squishing the ant.  There is also a narrator, who helps to facilitate the conversation between the boy and the ant.
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When I taught 2nd grade in French, we did a month long insect unit and it was so fun!  I miss teaching that unit so I included 2 non-fiction worksheets, about ants, with the script so it could be part of a science unit (however big or small).

I also found a Pinterest board with things just for this book!

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