Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Apps #2

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 This is my 2nd Saturday Apps posting and I ran a half marathon this morning, so I've been doing a lot of resting today and spaced my blog post--almost!  It's now 10:30p.m. but it's still Saturday :)
Apps make the world go round....well not quite, but they do make our mobile devices go.  I stumble upon apps, I find apps on Pinterest and Facebook and seek out FREE apps on AppsGoneFree.  Some of these apps are so awesomely useful to me as a teacher that I wanted to start a weekly Linky Party to share the love and encourage others to do the same!

I will share an app or two with you and include pictures or even a video.  I would love it if you would either:  share an app with us (either by linking up -or- leaving a comment with info.) or try out the app I've recommended and let us know what you think.  Apps can be free or cost money.

If you link up, please tell us:
* the name
* the price
* what devices it works on (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.)
* how you use it
* why it's worth downloading

This week's iPod & iPhone app is FREE and helps me multitask while I run!  I love to listen to Podcasts while I do my long runs so if I get good ideas or if there are things I want to remember, I switch over to this app and record my oral notes so I can listen to them later.


You can label each tape, write notes about each tape and listen to the tapes again and again.  You are also able to "share" your tapes via e-mail, Facebook, etc.  The only thing I haven't figured out is how to add on to a tape that is already finished (in case you get ideas later).

You could use this app in the classroom as well, like for having students record themselves for fluency assessment or progress monitoring.  The possibilities are endless really.

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