Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rocks, rocks, rocks!

Geologist: One who studies rocks, knows a lot about rocks, loves rocks, considers rocks pets, and stuffs her pockets full of rocks.

I've just described my 5-year-old daughter and soon-to-be Kindergartener.  Nothing quite entertains her and holds her attention like rocks.  So when we couldn't get in to see Monsters University at 3:30p.m. last Sunday (because it was sold out), I quickly ran through the possibilities of a plan B.  Throwing rocks! We're on vacation in Northern Minnesota, so most of the beaches here are beautifully rocky.  An even more brilliant idea then popped into my head: we'll collect a few to take home and paint them!

We had a blast painting rocks at the kitchen table...which got me to thinking about 2 things: a book and my classroom.  
 This is a neat book about the 10 rules you must consider when looking for the perfect rock.  This would be a fun beginning of the school year read and activity. Considering the rules and bringing in a rock could be the homework, painting your rock could be the schoolwork.  Kids could keep them on their desks or in a basket and use them as reading buddies (saw that idea somewhere).  I'm sure there are lots of other ideas as well.

It's a turtle...can't see the legs or head though.
Once I finished painting my rock, I started playing around with the plastic plate that was my palette and had a blast mixing the colors, making designs and writing words for my daughter to sound out.  

Then a lightbulb lit UP: this could be a fun way to practice handwriting (whole group or small group).
Once we both were finished I had yet another idea: we would take our painted rocks back down to the beach and leave them there for someone else to find so we could bring a smile to someone's face.  And of course if we leave rocks, we'll also have to take some more...

P.S. I wrote this post yesterday and today we went down to the beach to leave our rocks...and get more to paint! Here's mine.  Can you guess what it's supposed to be?


  1. I love that idea! I wish I had time to do something like that with my kids in the library. :-) Maybe I could figure out something.

  2. Hi Crystal, thanks for stopping by! I've heard of teachers having their students paint rocks to keep with them for reading time. So that could work in the library :)