Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Fortune & A Back-to-School Sale

This is what was inside of my fortune cookie the other day:

I had to chuckle because it's literally true...thank goodness I teach first graders because I'm only 5'4!  But it's also figuratively true and a great reminder for the beginning of a new school year.  Kids look up to us as we are models of everything from good readers to good behavior.

* * *
You've probably seen and heard about the BIG Teachers Pay Teachers 'Back-to-School' sale so I'll just jump on the promotion bandwagon and say that I too am joining in!  So you get 10% off from me and then an additional % off when you get check out (be sure to type in the code BTS13).

* * *
And to wrap things up, my sweet boy turned 1 today!  One year ago today I was 9 months pregnant and went back to work when teachers reported.  I felt really good that day (no backache)....well that was my warning. The next morning I got up to go shower and get ready for work again when  MY WATER BROKE!  9 hours later the happiest baby with the most beautiful blue eyes came into this world and fills my heart with so much love and laughter!

I love you so much!

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