Monday, August 5, 2013

The Day the Crayons Quit

Last Thursday night I was grocery shopping late at night.  Typically when I do this kind of a grocery shopping trip it's a Friday night, I'm in my jammies and I'm listening to French radio & music...very fun and comfy for me!  But this time it was a spur of the moment thing and I started off by returning something at Customer Service.  As I was waiting in line, my eyes started to wander and I spied a random end cap of children's books.  Without thinking, I got out of line and went over and grabbed this book

I started reading it and was cracking up, out loud!  The premise of this book, by Drew Daywalt, is that Duncan's crayons go on strike and each one of them write him a letter to complain about something.  What a genius idea for a book!
So I immediately started thinking of ways to use this book the first week of school and created a little literature response pack for it, and it's FREE!

I found this treasure 2 days after completing this


and wasn't able to add it, so it's a FREEBIE!

One of my favorite things is stumbling upon really good books for my classroom!  You need to go find this book and read it and LOL like I did :-)

Now go on over and check out more FREEBIES at


  1. I love that book!!!! The second activity comes up as a paid item not a freebie.

    Thanks and take care

  2. Hi Roxanne! Thanks so much for stopping by :-) Yes, I should clarify that the second item is a paid item. I just meant, if I would have found The Day the Crayons Quit a few days earlier I would have included it in the Back-to-School bundle. But I'm glad it's a stand alone freebie :-)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. I don't teach reading, but am going to pass this along to my students (preservice teachers). I know my student teachers will appreciate this!
    Bookish Ways in Math and Science

  4. Hi Tricia, thanks for stopping by! So you work with preservice teachers? I would LOVE that opportunity and am dying to teach a children's literature class to preservice teachers...bucket list I guess you could say :). One regret from my college days is that I didn't get to discover enough children's literature and authors before starting my career.