Sunday, January 5, 2014

Great website find!

I really wish I could draw!  I just don't have any drawing genes.  When creating teaching resources for TPT and TN I love the marketing aspect of making my products visually appealing.  Being a consumer myself, I tend to look at and preview materials that look good from first glance.  

When I first started creating products I would download visually appealing freebies and take note of who they were getting clipart and design elements from.  I still would love to try creating some simple things on my own but I randomly came across a website called Pixlr. There are 3 parts to the website but the one I'm referring to is the Editor.  

This website allows you to upload a photograph or piece of clipart and edit it right then and there!  For instance, I was making a poster that explains the 3 ways to "Read with Someone", since we're going to start that component of the Daily 5 in my classroom on Monday.  I uploaded a piece of clipart (from Scrappin Doodles) and only needed the 2 kid's heads...not the hand in the middle that I couldn't get rid of.  But with Pixlr you can use the eraser tool and get rid of whatever you want!

Here's an example.  I don't want one of the shoes.

Position the eraser (circle) over the shoe...

Voila, the shoe is gone!
I'm so excited to have found this easy to use, FREE website!


  1. This is a great post about editing images. As a clip artist, I would like to add a note of caution. Many clip artist do not allow modification of their art as part of there terms of use.


  2. Interesting, are you still giving credit to the clip artist who made the original work? Most clip artists have it somewhere in their TOUs that say you can't modify the image.....have you come across that?

  3. This is an awesome tip! :) Just one word of sure to read the clip artist's terms of use to be sure they allow changes to be made to their original graphics. Many do not. :)

  4. Hi Charlotte, Tammy and Amy,

    You guys are right about being cautious with editing clipart. I've only used this website once so far to edit clipart for a project and it was something to be used just in my classroom so I think that is within the bounds of respectful use and copyright infringement. But yes Tammy I would definitely still give credit to the clipart creator whose images I was using. And Tammy it's a good reminder to read and reread the TOUs that come with free and purchased (downloadable) clipart.

    I really appreciate your feedback and cautions because I wasn't thinking of that when writing my blog post, but knew about it. And it's good for others who are reading this post too. Thanks!