Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Water, water everywhere!

The weather we're experiencing up in Anchorage is not typical of this time of year...it's warm and wet.  By warm I mean above freezing.
It's been raining outside and we've been learning about water inside. Our second science kit this year is "The Power of Water" and it gets really fun on our  fifth lesson when we get to play with water!  This past week we learned about the sticky property of water known as 'cohesion'.  Students put drops of water on a piece of wax paper and used a toothpick to get them to stick together.
Then we learned about 'surface tension' by putting as many drops of water as possible on the face of a penny until it spilled over.  But the cool part was getting down on our knees to see the dome form on it!
This week we're going to learn how to break the surface tension of water.  Hint: it rhymes with rope and starts with an 's'.  Next week we'll get into the whole water cycle.  Speaking of which, I just finished a new Readers' Theater about the Water Cycle, which we'll infuse into our small reading groups next week.

And even though Martin Luther King day has now passed, his message and life can be carried on throughout the year.  My readers' theater 'Martin's Message' is now on sale, so consider taking a peek.

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