Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snowflake Art Project

We're not seeing too many snowflakes lately up here in Anchorage.  I know that sounds strange but I think we have traded weather with the lower 48.  It's been raining and melting like crazy here!  I can see the grass in our yard again, wahoo!  Give me sand (versus snow) any day.

I've been pinning art projects that could work during my Daily 5 groups all year and am really enjoying finally incorporating art into my classroom.  January has been all about snow so we did this super CUTE project this past week.  It was easy to prep, easy for kids to do and it turned out way better than I had anticipated!
Here's what you need.
Poke a hole in the middle of each "branch" and they can be fastened together with a brad.
Students crumple up big squares (3"x3") and glue them on.

The next day I punched a hole in the end of one of the "branches" and we hung them up with yarn above our classroom windows (forgot to take a picture of them).

SO FUN!  Click here to see the original source.  Thanks again Pinterest!
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