Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Make Your Own Pointers

I'm short.  Good thing I teach 1st grade because none of my students are taller than me.  Being short means I need to use a step ladder in my classroom.  I also use pointers when using the SmartBoard because I can't always reach.  Well I also use pointers because it's fun!  I made my own a few years back after seeing a Kindergarten teacher at a Spanish immersion school have some in her classroom.  But they've been put to good use and are no longer in shape to do the job of pointing to things and dragging things around on the SmartBoard.
Tonight I made the time to make some new ones.

They are pretty easy to make and the expense is minimal.  It probably takes about 10 minutes to make one.
Here's what you need.
Step 1: Cover the dowel with duck tape.
Step 2: Stuff the mitten.
Tie the opening shut with ribbon.
Hand stitch the pinky, ring and middle fingers to the body of the mitten.

Chinese New Year starts on Friday and my Readers' Theater pack that has group, partner and trio plays all about the fictitious origin, the present day celebration traditions, what the lunar calendar is all about and zodiac animal traits is on sale now!

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