Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Clever Decorative Trick & Writing Dude DEAL

If you have an area in your classroom where you need to put "stuff" but don't want anyone to see it I have a decorative trick for you!
All you need is a curtain rod and a piece of fabric.
The End Result: a stool and an entire basket of gym shoes is hidden in there!

 Fold the fabric down 1-2" to create a pocket for the curtain rod.
Use fabric glue or a sewing machine to adhere the raw edge to the fabric.
Use pinking shears (sewing scissors with triangle edges) if you don't want to or can't sew the raw edges under so fraying isn't visible.  The criss cross cut of the pinking shears eliminates fraying!

Put the curtain rod through the pocket and then attach it between hard spots and twist until it stays in place. 
The curtain rod used here is very thick and long. 
 There are different lengths and thicknesses of rods to accommodate many different areas where they may be used.

If the area you want to hide is lacking a spot to put the curtain rods, then you can improvise and use mounting hooks like this and rest the curtain rod on the hooks.

I love, figuratively, killing two birds with one stone: you hide "stuff" and decorate at the same time!

Now here's the DEAL:
This is my beloved Writing Dude.  I've developed 15 SmartBoard lessons that teach (and review) K-2 students the key skills and concepts they need to become successful writers.  The theme music and interactivity of each lesson are my student's favorites!

The deal is that you can purchase my MEGA pack (all 15 lessons) for only $8. 

This MEGA pack is up on TPT right now for $12.50 but I've gotten involved with a new company and website for teacher created materials called EdBazaar where I'm offering it for $8 so I can help introduce teachers to this new site.

Click on "Language".
Scroll down to find the Writing Dude MEGA Pack.

I'm very appreciative of EdBazaar's President, Vasumathi Senthil, because I feel like I'm part of the team that is launching this website.  He gave me a one-on-one tutorial via phone on how to become a vendor and use the site to upload teaching many company Presidents do that I wonder?

So I encourage you to go check out the site!

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