Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five for Friday

Yesterday was my first day back to a new school year!  Setting up my classroom is my FAVORITE time of year.  Of course I go in before the official first day because there is no way to set up an elementary classroom in one day!

Since it's Friday, I'm linking up with

to share what has made me 'as happy as a clam' this week.

4,000 ft. up in the mountains exploring Summit Lake.
We went to pick blueberries and instead found cool rocks and this guy paragliding with a motor!
This guy!

This is my beautiful baby boy who turns 2 on Sunday!  He is funny, he's silly, he gives the best hugs, he has AMAZING verbal comprehension and has potty training down!  I'm so excited to decorate for his monkey-themed party and even more excited that my husband is dressing up as The Man in the Yellow Hit from Curious George :-)
Washi tape!
I finally figured out what it is and now I love to put it everywhere!
Added a strip to my mailboxes/cubbies area for extra cuteness!
Spray paint!
This kind is THE bomb: bonds to plastic, has built in primer & dries in 10 minutes!
 My classroom is an outer space theme with the colors black, white & red and 
as the Rolling sing, "I want to see it painted, painted black!" So nothing is safe: bookshelves, bins, lamps, etc!  I use a big painting tarp outside and go crazy :-)
My mobile listening center BEFORE....boring!
Ooh, much better....but not 100% finished.
My garden!
It's a small raised bed garden and I LOVE taking care of it and eating from it! 
This is a carrot I picked tonight...looks like a monster!  Those are mini chocolate chips for eyes and I've named him Herman.  He'll be delicious for lunch tomorrow, wha ha ha ha ha!

La vie est belle chez moi!
Life is good here!

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Great job with the spray painting and your garden looks great! Love Herman!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. You're going to eat Herman? He's so cute. I have exactly 3 rolls of Washi tape, and I still haven't learned how to use it. Happy birthday to your son!
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. A Curious George party? So jealous! We love Curious George in our house. I tried to convince my son to let us make his 3rd birthday party back in February a Curious George one but he wanted Cars. I love that your husband is going to dress up like the man in the yellow hat. Sounds like a great party! Have fun!
    Joya :)

  4. Okay, I am definitely going by my classroom this weekend to add Washi tape to my mailbox units. Mine have sables that won't scrape off and the tape is going to be spectacular! Thanks so much for the idea! Happy Birthday to that precious baby!
    Teachers Are Terrific!