Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kenai and a Back to School SALE on TPT

Good morning from down on the Kenai River!  If you live in Alaska, you know exactly where I'm talking about.  If not, it's a lovely little piece of Alaska that has superb salmon fishing and halibut charters out on the ocean.  

I've now lived in Alaska for 10 years and have never been down here and am so excited we got to stay at a friend's cabin near Soldotna and explore!  I wish I knew how to fish or that I knew someone down here who could set me up to fish because I'd love to try it.  Well I'd actually love to try 'dip netting' which is where you either ride in a boat or get into the river with a big net and scoop up the fishies!  But that only happens for a period of 2 weeks during the summer and we've missed it.  

Living in Alaska is not what I wanted to do, but my Alaskan husband was kind of important to me.  But I've gotten used to it and am kind of fond of this place we call home.  It's really very interesting and funny to hear people "outside" (that's a term we use for the lower 48 and Hawaii) and what they think Alaska is like.  
 Um, no!

Come to think of it, I should write a Readers' Theater non-fiction script about Alaska...I'll put on my list of Things To Do!

So some of you are already back teaching and some of you (like me) are going to head back in August.  At this point in the summer our teacher brains get going again and there's no turning them off.  Take advantage of that by checking out the Teachers Pay Teachers Back-to-School sale that starts on Monday and ends on Tuesday.  
Everything in my store will be 20% off!

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