Friday, March 15, 2013

Five For Friday

I stumbled upon this really cute linky party last week and wanted to participate this week, it's called 

You share 5 random things from your week.
I really like this idea because it's not about selling or pushing any products, it's just a fun way to share random things from your life with teachers!

Here we go:

1. In the past month we: bought a house & sold our house.  The catch is that we have to be out by March 27th and can't move into our new house until May 25th.  Soooooo, the buyer of our current house is putting us up at the Marriot Residence for 2 months!  I'm super excited because I love hotels and there's a swimming pool.  So my daughter is going to learn to swim!  Sadly, I didn't get into the Gold Nugget Triathlon, otherwise I'd be getting my swim back on for the race.  I'll still swim, but it'll be cross training for one of the half marathons  I plan on doing this summer.

This is the hotel kitchen!
2. We are on spring break up here (Alaska) and we're using this week to pack, pack & pack!  It's rushed, but it's actually nice to take stock of everything we have and get rid of things that we don't need and other people might.

3. I've still been plugging away at Readers' Theater scripts for TPT & TN.  I absolutely LOVE writing them!  I finally remembered a leprechaun story, from a DRA kit, that I wanted to turn into a script and it's almost done...and will be free!

4. We went out to dinner last night...which I've been wanting to do for a while.  One of our favorite restaurants is the Bear Tooth and it was worth the long wait to get in and enjoy yummy food!

5. I took my son to get the second part of his flu shot this morning and he didn't cry or react to it at all!  I was waiting for the delayed reaction but he just smiled instead.  We call him Mr. Smileypants because he's the happiest little guy and has the best smile!  

So it's been a good week and I'll hit the ground running again next Monday!

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  1. Mr. Smileypants is the most precious name EVER! :) I love that! :) Alaska, eh? That's Waaaaay up there from here! :) I'm in Florida! :) So glad to have gotten the chance to run into you through the linky! :) Dontcha love how blogging brings people together??? :) Good luck with your move! :) We bought our house during the school year two years ago and I know it can be tough to work out all the logistics and stuff! :0/ least ya'll get a cool pool to swim in though! :)
    Nice to meet you! :)
    Tamara Russell

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade