Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gingerbread Palooza: Day 1

It was a normal Monday morning in my first grade classroom.  Kids arrived in the dark, the air was so cold it made the insides of your nose stick together and everyone was in good spirits coming off of a 4-day break.

Everything was going smoothly...until it happened.  It was story time & snack and as I opened my snack cupboard it hit me.  

Books, cookies and a letter fell out of the cupboard and HIT ME!  Dazed and confused I looked back up at the cupboard and saw them..the Gingerbread Friends.  4 cute little cookie people who successfully sent us a message: they were here to stay and have some fun with us!

And so begins Gingerbread Palooza 2013!

To celebrate the start of this fun event, here's a FREEBIE!  It's a pack of 2 gingerbread poems to use with your students during Guided Reading...which is exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow my students are going to journal each day about what the Gingerbread Friends have been up to during the night.   Sometimes they are nice and sometimes they are naughty...but they are always FUN!

P.S.  Don't forget about the TPT SALE..today is the last day!

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