Friday, December 13, 2013

Gingerbread Palooza: Day 8

The Gingerbread Friends are causing some trouble in our classroom, so what game did we find them playing this morning..TROUBLE!
The nice thing was that we got to keep the game and kids had fun playing it during our "Free Time".

Students have been keeping track, via writing, of all the things the Gingerbread Friends have done in our classroom.  This little journal is part of their "Morning Work" routine.

I put a few words up on the board that they might need help spelling and then it's up to them to write a description.  Students earn a star sticker on their page for completing it and they earn 2 stickers if they added details!  We are going to share these journals next week with our parents when they come to our "Author's Tea" event :-)

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