Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gingerbread Palooza: Day 3

This morning I had a staff morning before school.  When I picked up my students and brought them back to the room we didn't notice that the Gingerbread Friends were up to anything...until we found a message:
Then we stumbled upon this:
Who knew gingerbread men could play games?!  And the funny thing is THE game they're playing: Would You Rather?  because I found a great Thanksgiving themed Would You Rather game on TPT last week and used it all week long and my students LOVED it!  This was so perfect :-)  We got to keep the game and figured out that one of our Gingerbread Friends is named G-I-N-A.

So I decided to use the Gingerbread Man glyphs we made the other day to create a class book.

Can't wait for tomorrow...


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