Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gingerbread Palooza Day 2

The bell rang at 8:50 and I headed outside to pick up my first graders.  I'm always hot so it was nice to step outside into a crisp, cold Alaskan December morning.  When we arrived back at our classroom I found something that was NOT there when I left it only a minute earlier...

The Gingerbread Friends decided to dump a basket of crayons and a basket of markers out and color....a gingerbread man!

If that wasn't enough, they messed with our Reading Groups and changed our 'Reading Games' group to doing a Gingerbread Man glyph....which everyone loved!

Click to get it!

Even though they're being a bit naughty, they are pretty cute!
I wonder what we'll find tomorrow morning???

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