Monday, November 4, 2013

A Thanksgiving book that gives thanks!

I'm full of Thanksgiving love!

I had a very productive weekend, with Thanksgiving on the brain.  I didn't spend all my time whipping up resources though.  I managed to sew a few skirts and can't wait to wear them this week!  I made my own pattern, it's super simple and quick and I only use jersey knit fabric.  


On Halloween an idea popped into my head, after seeing a friend's FaceBook post about what she's thankful for (Day 1 of 30).  This resource started as something I created to do with my own students but then thought others might like it as well.

Then I pulled a book off my son's bookshelf to read and it happened to be a cute board book that explains Thanksgiving and it inspired me to create a Readers' Theater play, with a modern twist and some humor, about Thanksgiving.  I've never done anything about the origin of Thanksgiving with my students in all my 15 years of teaching, but that will change this year!

I don't know why, but I'm really getting into the seasonal and thematic stuff this year and loving it!  And my own students are the guinea pigs of all my products just to make sure they're fun and to work out any little glitches :-)

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