Friday, November 22, 2013

Doubles Scavenger Hunt

I downloaded and did a super fun math activity this week thanks to the weekly TPT newsletter that I get.  This fantastic activity was advertised:
from Learning Through Play UK
Since we had our doubles lesson last week and our end-of-chapter test was coming up, we did this activity to review doubles and have FUN!
First we brainstormed rules:
 Then the hunt began and it was awesome!
Students must write down the doubles as they find them. 
They can write the answer down right away if they know it or figure it out at their desk at the end of the hunt.
I hid all 10 doubles facts around the room by taping them in various spots.
 When students finished, they returned to their desks to work on a Hidden Doubles word find type worksheet.
Click on the worksheet to get this freebie.

I enjoyed this Scavenger Hunt activity so much I'd like to use it for other things and subject areas!

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