Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adding 3 Numbers Game

Our math lesson for today (we switched from EDM to Go Math this year) was how to add 3 single-digit numbers.  Our math lessons always start with a 'Problem of the Day' warm-up, then the concept/skill focus for the lesson and finally a chance to practice.  Most of the time a worksheet is the independent practice part but today we played a game.  This doesn't sound like anything special yet BUT it's a game that doesn't really require any extra materials and the kids LOVED it!
I'm not even sure what to call the game but here's how to play:

  -3 dice per person
  -small whiteboard/EXPO marker/eraser per person

  -play in groups of 3

  1. Round 1: Choose a 3-letter word and each player writes it at the top of their   whiteboard (we did animals).
  2. Everybody rolls their dice at the same time.
  3. Each player writes an addition sentence to match their 3 dice and finds the  answer.
  4.  Each player has to read their addition sentence aloud and the player with 
the highest sum wins and erases a letter from the chosen word.
  5.  Play continues until someone has erased all their letters and says the word 
   6.  Play again.  Round 2, choose a 4-letter word; Round 3, choose a 5-letter 

A few groups finished all 3 rounds so I told them to play once more and use one of their names as the chosen word.  
Hooray for math games!  
They beat worksheets any day!

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