Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Would You Rather, Turkey FREEBIE & the Gingerbread Dude

This is going to be a PACKED post!

This week we're doing all fun Thanksgiving stuff and I found a gem this weekend!  It's a Thanksgiving version of "Would You Rather..." and I've been posing these silly questions to my students when we have a minute to fill or spare and they LOVE it!  It was created by Rachel Lynette and she's got other FREE ones too!

Click to get it!
Yesterday we played a fun probability dice game called The Great Escape and the kids thought it was the best thing since LEGOs...okay that might be a stretch.  It's part of my Thanksgiving Fun Packet. Today we're going to be an odd/even number game called Turkey Trot.  You can use dice or cards to produce a number and either move your turkey (a Hershey's kiss) closer to freedom or the farm.  It's free today!

And last but not least, I'm doing a Gingerbread theme for the month of December and created my own version of the beloved classic in Readers' Theater format.
Click to get it!
Run, run and I don't mean to be rude,
You can't catch me because I'm the Gingerbread Dude!

Tomorrow I'll share the gingerbread mischief that will take over my classroom during the month of December...I am SOOOOOOO excited!!


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