Monday, November 11, 2013

Fishy Art Project

One of my goals this year is to incorporate more art projects into my classroom.  I'm doing a pretty good job and have found that making one of my Daily 5 groups an 'Art Project' group (once a week) works very well.  

Most of the projects have been fall themed so far but this week we made fish.  Living in Alaska, salmon are very important to the way of life here.  Second grade gets to dive into the study of these interesting (and dare I say 'tasty') creatures.  We have a big aquarium near the front of our school and right now it's covered in blue foam because we're trying to keep the eggs from getting too warm.  It's not very visually appealing so my principal asked if we could spruce it up a bit.  My answer was to create wax and watercolor fish!

I first found a piece of fish clipart online and printed it off.  I then added the inside wavy lines.  I printed them on blue cardstock.  The kids had 2 things to do:  trace the outline and inside waves with a black crayon -and- use watercolors to paint it.  I think they turned out AWESOME!

I cut them out and am going to glue them onto blue butcher paper and wrap it around the aquarium.

The best part about doing these art projects is the AMAZING table we're using!  I found it for $20 at a local thrift shop and it folds out and is stored into a rectangular box that is only 6" high and 3' long!  It's one of THE best things I've ever bought for my classroom!  I did spray paint it red to match the white/black/red theme in my room though :-)

I don't have a project planned for this week so I need some HELP.  I know I'll go surf on Pinterest but would happily welcome some of your ideas!

P.S.  Totally random but I saw Huey Lewis and the News in concert this weekend and it was SOOOOOOOO awesome and brought back many memories of family car trips!

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